CAP201 - Capnography Module

The capnography module CAP201 was developed by Corscience specifically for the continuous monitoring of the CO2 concentration of the tidal air in bypass mode. It operates on the basis of non-dispersive infrared technology (NDIR) and utilizes optical filters to limit the reference and measuring wavelengths. This feature is unique to the CAP201 and allows for significant performance advantages compared to other systems that operate dispersively.


The CAP201 module is suitable for capnographic applications in emergency medicine as well as in the monitoring of ventilated patients, e.g. to monitor and check that the endotracheal tube is in the correct position. Another application of capnography is in the detection of spontaneous breathing in CPR patients during cardiopulmonary resuscitation. In addition, capnographic monitoring can be used as an early warning system for hypoventilation in patients that may need intubation.


The CAP201 module is suitable for all medical products, for which compliance with the standard DIN ISO 80601-2-55 is demanded. These include clinical surveillance monitors and ventilators in operating rooms or intensive care units and mobile ventilators and defibrillators in ambulances and rescue helicopters.



  • High accuracy, exceeding the requirements of DIN ISO 80601-2-55

  • High time resolution

  • Long-term stability: no calibration required during use

  • Robustness (no moving parts)

  • Short response time

  • Suitable for different climates and altitudes, due to pressure and temperature compensated CO2 levels

  • CO2 curve analysis for determining the etCO2 and fiCO2 as well as respiratory rate calculation

  • Detection of anomalous CO2 curves (allowing conclusions to possibly misplaced endotracheal tube)

  • Detecting occlusions in the tubing system

  • Standard UART communication interface

CAP201 Development Kit

The CAP201 Development Kit allows you to immediately get to know our CAP201 capnography module. The CAP201 is connected directly to the PC with the supplied USB cable and can be put into operation immediately. With the Corscience Development Platform (CDP), the values measured by the CAP can be displayed in real-time and fully controlled and configured with the mouse.


The package includes:

  • CAP201 module (version for PC connection)

  • Tube and mouthpiece

  • USB cable

  • CD with CDP

  • Instructions

The development kit provides:

  • Possibility to present and evaluate the CO2 waveform, as well as fiCO2, etCO2 and respiratory rate

  • Presentation and evaluation of status and notifications from CAP201

  • Conduction of breath tests using the tube and mouthpiece

  • USB connection for connecting module to PC (COM Port)

  • Configuration of CAP201 module

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